New Virtual Pinball with over 1000 tables and almost 1000 games all built in!


Interested in playing pinball and arcade games all on the same machine! Now you can! Why only have pinball or an arcade when you can have both! This arcade is incredible and built to look and feel just like a real pinball machine.

Game list:

2001 (Gottlieb 1971) Pinball 1941:Counter Attack (Capcom 1990) Arcade
24 (Stern 2009) Pinball 1942 Arcade
250cc (Inder 1992) Pinball 1943 Arcade
4 Roses (Williams 1962) Pinball 1945 Arcade
4 Square (Gottlieb 1971) Pinball Action Fighter Arcade
Aaron Spelling (Data East 1992) Pinball Aero Fighters Arcade
Abra Ca Dabra (Gottlieb 1975) Pinball Air Duel -Japan Arcade
ACDC (Stern 2012) Pinball Air Gallet -Taiwan Arcade
ACDC Pro (Stern 2012) Pinball Ajax Arcade
Addams Family Golden (Williams 1994) Pinball Alley Master Arcade
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends (Data East 1993) Pinball Alpine Ski -set 1 Arcade
Agents 777 (GamePlan 1984) Pinball Anteater Arcade
Air Aces (Bally 1975) Pinball APB-All Points Bulletin Arcade
Airborne (Capcom 1996) Pinball Arabian Arcade
Airborne Avenger (Atari 1977) Pinball Arbalester Arcade
Airport (Gottlieb 1969) Pinball Arm Wrestling Arcade
Aladdin’s Castle (Bally 1976) Pinball Armed Formation Arcade
Alaska (Interflip 1978) Pinball Armed Police Batrider Arcade
Algar (Williams 1980) Pinball Armored Car Arcade
Ali (Stern 1980) Pinball Ashura Blaster -Japan Arcade
Alien Poker (Williams 1980) Pinball Asuka & Asuka-Japan Arcade
Alien Star (Gottlieb 1984) Pinball Asylum -prototype Arcade
Alle Neune (NSM 1976) Pinball Avengers-US set 1 Arcade
Alley Cats (Williams 1985) Pinball Bagman Arcade
Alpine Club (Williams 1965) Pinball Batsugun-set 1 Arcade
Al’s Garage Band Goes On World Tour (Alivin G. 1992) Pinball Battlantis Arcade
Amazing Spiderman (Gottlieb 1980) Pinball Battle Bakraid -Japan -Wed Apr 7 1999 Arcade
Amazon Hunt (Gottlieb 1983) Pinball Battle Cruiser M-12 Arcade
America 1492 (Juegos Populares 1986) Pinball Battle Lane! Vol. 5 -set 1 Arcade
Amigo (Bally 1973) Pinball Bells & Whistles Arcade
Andromeda (GamePlan 1985) Pinball Bermuda Triangle -Japan Arcade
Antar (Playmatic 1979) Pinball Nebulas Ray Arcade
Apollo (Williams 1967) Pinball Bimbjack Twin Arcade
Apollo 13 (Sega 1995) Pinball Black Hole Arcade
Aquarius (Gottlieb 1970) Pinball Blast off-Japan Arcade
Arabian Knights (Gottlieb 1953) Pinball Blazer -Japan Arcade
Arena (Premier 1987) Pinball Block Carnival Arcade
Argosy (Williams 1974) Pinball Blue Print Arcade
Asteroid Annie (Gottlieb 1980) Pinball Bnrnin’ Rubber Arcade
Atlantis (Bally 1989) Pinball Boggy ’84 Arcade
Atlantis (Gottlieb 1975) Pinball Bomb Bee Arcade
Atomic Arcade (Tomy 1979) Pinball Bomb Jack Arcade
Attack (Playmatic 1980) Pinball Boomer Rang’r / Genesis Arcade
Attack and Revenge From Mars (Bally 1999) Pinball Bowl-O-Rama Arcade
Attack From Mars (Bally 1999) Pinball Cadash-Italy Arcade
Attila The Hun (Gameplan 1984) Pinball Caliber 50 Arcade
Austin Powers (Stern 2001) Pinball Calipso Arcade
Avatar (Stern 2010) Pinball Capcom Bowling Arcade
Avengers (Stern 2012) Pinball Change Air Blade -Japan Arcade
Avro Arrow Redux (Bally 1979) Pinball Check Man Arcade
Aztec (Williams 1976) Pinball Chinese Hero Arcade
Back to the Future (Data East 1990) Pinball Chopper I Arcade
Bad Brains (Other 2013) Pinball Circus Charlie Arcade
Bad Cats (Williams 1989) Pinball City Bomber Arcade
Bad Girls (Gottlieb 1988) Pinball Colony 7 -set 1 Arcade
Ballyhoo (Bally 1969) Pinball Commando-World Arcade
Bank A Ball (Gottlieb 1965) Pinball Congo Bongo Arcade
Banzai Run (Williams 1988) Pinball Contra -US Arcade
Barb Wire (Gottlieb 1996) Pinball Cosmic Chasm Arcade
Barbarella (Talleres of Llobregat 1972) Pinball Cosmo Gang the Video -US Arcade
Barracora (Williams 1981) Pinball Curve Ball Arcade
Baseball (Gottlieb 1970) Pinball Cutie Q Arcade
Basketball (Idsa 1986) Pinball Cybattler Arcade
Batman (Data East 1991) Pinball Daioh Arcade
Batman Dark Knight (Stern 2008) Pinball Dangar – Ufo Robo -12/1/1986 Arcade
Batman Forever (Sega 1995) Pinball Dangerous Seed-Japan Arcade
Baywatch (Sega 1995) Pinball Darwin 4078 -Japan Arcade
Beat The Clock (Bally 1985) Pinball Defend the Terra Attack on the Red UFO Arcade
Beat Time – DOF (Williams 1967) Pinball Desert Breaker Arcade
Bell Ringer (Gottlieb 1990) Pinball Devastators Arcade
Big Bang Bar (Capcom 1995) Pinball Devil Fish Arcade
Big Brave (Gottlieb 1974) Pinball Dig Dug 2 Arcade
Big Buck Hunter Pro (Stern 2009) Pinball Dimahoo Arcade
Big Casino (Gottlieb 1961) Pinball Dingo Arcade
Big Daddy (Williams 1963) Pinball Disco No.1 Arcade
Big Game (Stern 1980) Pinball Dock Man Arcade
Big Guns (Williams 1987) Pinball Dommy Arcade
Big Hit (Gottlieb 1976) Pinball Donkey Kong Arcade
Big House (Premier 1989) Pinball Donkey Kong 3 Arcade
Big Hurt (Premier 1995) Pinball Dorodon -set 1 Arcade
Big Top (Gottlieb 1964) Pinball DownTown Arcade
Big Top (Wico 1977) Pinball Dr. Micro Arcade
Big Town (Playmatic 1978) Pinball Dragon Blaze Arcade
Big Valley (Bally 1970) Pinball Dream Shopper Arcade
Black Belt – Bally (Bally 1986) Pinball Drift Out Arcade
Black Belt -Zaccaria (Zaccaria 1986) Pinball Driving Force -Pac-Man conversion Arcade
Black Gold (Williams 1975) Pinball Dyger Arcade
Black Hole – Mod (Gottlieb 1981) Pinball Eight Forces Arcade
Black Hole (Gottlieb 1981) Pinball Enigma 2 Arcade
Black Jack (Bally 1977) Pinball Exciting Soccer Arcade
Black Knight (Williams 1980) Pinball Exed Exes Arcade
Black Knight 2000 (Williams 1989) Pinball Exerion Arcade
Black Pyramid (Bally 1984) Pinball Explosive Breaker Arcade
Black Rose – Night Mod (Bally 1992) Pinball Eyes Arcade
Black Rose (Bally 1992) Pinball F-1 Grand Prix Arcade
Black Sabbath 70s (Other 2012) Pinball F-1 Grand Prix Part II Arcade
Black Sabbath 80s (Other 2012) Pinball Fever SOS -International Arcade
Black Sheep Squadron (Astro 1979) Pinball Fighting Hawk-Japan Arcade
Black Velvet (GamePlan 1978) Pinball Final Star Force -US Arcade
Blackout (Williams 1980) Pinball Firetrap-+ Arcade
Blackwater 100 (Bally 1988) Pinball Fly-Boy Arcade
Blue Chip (Williams 1976) Pinball Flying Shark -World Arcade
Blue Note (Gottlieb 1979) Pinball Freeze Arcade
BMX (Bally 1982) Pinball Funky Bee Arcade
Bone Busters (Gottlieb 1989) Pinball Funky Fish Arcade
Boomerang (Bally 1974) Pinball Gabg busters Arcade
Bow And Arrow (Bally 1974) Pinball Gain Ground Arcade
Bram Stokers Dracula (Williams 1993) Pinball Galaga ’88-set1 Arcade
Brave Team (Inder 1985) Pinball Galaxian Arcade
Break (Video Dens 1986) Pinball Galivan Arcade
Breakshot (Capcom 1996) Pinball Galmedes -Japan Arcade
Bride Of Pinbot (Williams 1991) Pinball Gee Bee Arcade
Broadway (Bally 1952) Pinball Gemini Wing Arcade
Bronco (Chicago Coin 1963) Pinball Ghostmuncher Galaxian -bootleg Arcade
Bronco (Gottlieb 1977) Pinball Gigas Mark II -bootleg Arcade
BroncoBuster (starman 2013) Pinball Gondomania -US Arcade
Buccaneer (Gottlieb 1948) Pinball Grid Seeker: Project Storm Hammer-Ver 1.30 Arcade
Buccaneer (Gottlieb 1976) Pinball Grobda-New version Arcade
Buck Rogers (Gottlieb 1980) Pinball Guerrilla War -US Arcade
Buckaroo (Gottlieb 1965) Pinball Gulf Storm Arcade
Bullseye (Bally 1986) Pinball Gulf War II Arcade
Bushido (Inder 1993) Pinball Gun & Frontier-World Arcade
Cactus Canyon (Midway 1998) Pinball Gun Dealer -set 1 Arcade
Cactus Jack’s (Premier 1991) Pinball Gun.Smoke Arcade
Camelot (Bally 1969) Pinball Gunbarich Arcade
Canada Dry (Gottlieb 1976) Pinball Gundhara Arcade
Canasta 86 (Inder 1986) Pinball Gunlock -World Arcade
Capersville (Bally 1966) Pinball GunNail Arcade
Captain Fantastic (Bally 1977) Pinball Guwange -Japan Arcade
Captain Hook (GamePlan 1985) Pinball Guzzler Arcade
Car Hop (Gottlieb 1991) Pinball Gyrodine Arcade
Caribbean Cruise (International Concepts 1989) Pinball HAL21 Arcade
Casino (Williams 1958) Pinball Heavy Barrel -US Arcade
Catacomb (Stern 1981) Pinball High Way Race Arcade
Cavaleiro Negro (Taito 1981) Pinball Hoccer -set 1 Arcade
Caveman (Gottlieb 1982) Pinball Hopper Robo Arcade
Centaur (Bally 1981) Pinball Hot Shocker Arcade
Centigrade 37 (Gottlieb 1977) Pinball Hotdog Storm Arcade
Central Park (Gottlieb 1966) Pinball Ikari Warriors -US Arcade
Champion Pub (Bally 1998) Pinball Image Fight -Japan Arcade
Charlies Angels (Gottlieb 1978) Pinball Intrepid -set 1 Arcade
Checkpoint (Data East 1991) Pinball Jack the Giantkiller -set 1 Arcade
Cherry Bell (Other 1978) Pinball Jackal -World Arcade
Chicago Cubs Triple Play (Premier 1985) Pinball John Elway’s Team Quarterback Arcade
Chief Shuffle Alley Bowler (United 1953) Pinball Joinem Arcade
Chinatown (Gottlieb 1952) Pinball Jump Bug Arcade
Circus (Gottlieb 1980) Pinball Jump Coaster Arcade
Cirqus Voltaire (Bally 1997) Pinball Jump Shot Arcade
Class of 1812 (Premier 1991) Pinball Jumping Cross Arcade
Cleopatra (Gottlieb 1977) Pinball Jumping Jack Arcade
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Gottlieb 1978) Pinball Jungler Arcade
Clown (Zaccaria 1985) Pinball Kageki-US Arcade
Comet (Williams 1985) Pinball Kaitei Takara Sagashi Arcade
Conan (Rowamet Brasil 1983) Pinball Kamikaze Cabbie Arcade
Concorde (EMAGAR 1975) Pinball Kaos Arcade
Congo (Williams 1995) Pinball Karate Champ -US Arcade
Contact (Williams 1978) Pinball Kicker Arcade
Continental Cafe (Gottlieb 1957) Pinball Kid no Hore Hore Arcade
Corvette (Bally 1994) Pinball KiKi KaiKai Arcade
Cosmic Gunfight (Williams 1982) Pinball King of Boxer -English Arcade
Cosmic Princess (Stern 1979) Pinball Kingdom Grandprix -World Arcade
Counterforce (Gottlieb 1980) Pinball Krazy Bowl Arcade
Cowboy Eight Ball (LTD 1981) Pinball Krull Arcade
Cowboys And Indians (Gottlieb 1975) Pinball Kyros Arcade
Creature from the Black Lagoon (Bally 1992) Pinball Lady Frog Arcade
Crescendo (Gottlieb 1970) Pinball Lasso Arcade
Crosstown (Gottlieb 1966) Pinball Last Duel-US set 1 Arcade
CueBall Wizard (Premiere 1992) Pinball Last Mission -US revision 6 Arcade
Cybernaut (Bally 1985) Pinball Legendary Wings -US set 1 Arcade
Cyclone (Williams 1988) Pinball Lethal Crash Race -set 1 Arcade
Cyclopes (Gameplan 1985) Pinball Lethal Thunder-World Arcade
Dale Jr (Stern 2007) Pinball Levers Arcade
Dark Rider (Geiger 1984) Pinball Liberation Arcade
Deadly Weapon (Gottlieb 1990) Pinball Lightning Fighters -US Arcade
Dealers Choice (Williams 1974) Pinball Loco-Motion Arcade
Def Leppard (OG 2102) Pinball Lost Tomb -easy Arcade
Defender (Williams 1982) Pinball Mad Alien Arcade
De-Icer (Williams 1949) Pinball Mad Planets Arcade
Demolition Man (Williams 1994) Pinball Mad Shark Arcade
Devil King (Technoplay 1987) Pinball Mania Challenge -set 1 Arcade
Devil’s Dare (Gottlieb 1982) Pinball Mappy Arcade
Diamond Lady (Premier 1988) Pinball Mars Arcade
Diner (Williams 1990) Pinball Marvin’s Maze Arcade
Dipsy Doodle (Williams 1970) Pinball Master of Weapon Arcade
Dirty Harry (Williams 1995) Pinball Mat Mania Arcade
Disco Fever (Williams 1978) Pinball Maze of flott Arcade
Distant World (Other 2005) Pinball Mazinger Z Arcade
Doctor Who (Bally 1992) Pinball Mega Zone -Konami set 1 Arcade
Domino (Gottlieb 1968) Pinball Megadon Arcade
Double Barrel (Williams 1961) Pinball Megatack Arcade
Dr Dude – Night Mod (Midway 1990) Pinball Mercs – World Arcade
Dr Dude (Midway 1990) Pinball Merlins Money Maze Arcade
Dragon (Gottlieb 1978) Pinball Meta Fox Arcade
Dragon (Interflip 1977) Pinball Mighty Monkey Arcade
Dragon Fist (Stern 1982) Pinball Mikie Arcade
Dragonette (Gottlieb 1954) Pinball Minefield Arcade
Drakor (Taito 1979) Pinball Minky Monkey Arcade
Drink Absolut (Other 2015) Pinball Mission 660 -US Arcade
Drop A Card (Gottlieb 1971) Pinball Mister Viking Arcade
Dungeons and Dragons – Night Mod (Bally 1987) Pinball Monte Carlo Arcade
Dungeons and Dragons (Bally 1987) Pinball Moonwar Arcade
Earth Wind Fire (Zaccaria 1981) Pinball Motos Arcade
Earthshaker (Williams 1989) Pinball Mouser Arcade
Eclipse (Gottlieb 1982) Pinball Mr. Jong -Japan Arcade
Eight Ball (Bally 1977) Pinball Mr.Do Arcade
Eight Ball Deluxe (Bally 1981) Pinball Mr.Kougar Arcade
El Dorado City of Gold (Gottlieb 1975) Pinball Mr.TNT Arcade
Elektra (Bally 1981) Pinball Ms Pacman Arcade
Elvira and the Party Monsters (Bally 1995) Pinball MX5000 Arcade
Elvis (Stern 2004) Pinball Mysterious Stones-set 1 Arcade
Embryon (Bally 1980) Pinball Naughty Boy Arcade
Escape (Royal 1987) Pinball Naughty Mouse-set1 Arcade
Escape from the Lost World (Bally 1987) Pinball Net Wars Arcade
Evil Fight (Playmatic 1980) Pinball Nibbler -set 1 Arcade
Excalibur (Gottlieb 1988) Pinball Nitro Ball Arcade
F-14 Tomcat – Night Mod (Williams 1987) Pinball Orbitron Arcade
F-14 Tomcat (Williams 1987) Pinball Ozma Wars -set 1 Arcade
Faces (Sonic 1976) Pinball Ozon I Arcade
Faeton (Juegos Populares 1985) Pinball P-47 – The Phantom Fighter -World Arcade
Family Guy (Stern 2007) Pinball Pac & Pal Arcade
Far Out (Gottlieb 1974) Pinball Pac-Mania Arcade
Farfalla (Zaccaria 1983) Pinball Paddle Mania Arcade
Fast Draw (Gottlieb 1975) Pinball Pandora’s Palace Arcade
Fathom (Bally 1981) Pinball Passing Shot -2 Players, FD1094 317-0080 Arcade
Fire Mountain (Zaccaria 1980) Pinball Peggle Arcade
Fire! (Williams 1987) Pinball Pengo Arcade
Fireball (Bally 1972) Pinball Performan-Japan Arcade
Firecracker (Bally 1971) Pinball Phelios -Japan Arcade
FirePower (Williams 1980) Pinball Phoenix Arcade
Firepower II (Williams 1982) Pinball Phozon -Japan Arcade
Fish Tales (Williams 1992) Pinball Pickin’ Arcade
Flame of Athens (Allied Leisure 1978) Pinball Pinball Action Arcade
Flash (Williams 1979) Pinball Pinbo Arcade
Flash Gordon (Bally 1981) Pinball Pisces Arcade
Flash3179 (Williams 1992) Pinball Plus Alpha Arcade
Flicker (Bally 1974) Pinball Pooyan Arcade
Flight 2000 (Stern 1980) Pinball Pop Flamer -protected Arcade
Flip A Card (Gottlieb 1970) Pinball Pound for Pound -World Arcade
FlipFlop (Bally 1974) Pinball Progress Arcade
Flipper Football (Capcom 1996) Pinball Psychic 5 Arcade
Fly High (Geiger 1985) Pinball Puzzle Club-Japan Arcade
Flying Carpet (Gottlieb 1972) Pinball Quester -Japan Arcade
Flying Turns (Midway 1964) Pinball Qwak -prototype Arcade
Force II (Gottlieb 1981) Pinball Rafflesia Arcade
FotoFinish (Gottlieb 1961) Pinball Raiden Seibu Kaihatsu Arcade
Four Million B.C. (Bally 1970) Pinball Rally Bike/Dash Yarou Rally Bike Arcade
Foxy Lady (GamePlan 1979) Pinball Red Robin Arcade
Frankenstein (Sega 1995) Pinball Redline Racer -2 players Arcade
Free Fall (Gottlieb 1974) Pinball Repulse Arcade
Freedom (Bally 1976) Pinball Rescue Arcade
Freefall (Stern 1981) Pinball Riddle of Pythagoras -Japan Arcade
Frolics (Bally 1952) Pinball Road Fighter-set1 Arcade
Frontier (Bally 1980) Pinball Roc’n Rope Arcade
Full (Recreativos Franco 1977) Pinball Rompers -Japan Arcade
Funhouse (Williams 1990) Pinball Round-Up Arcade
Funland (Gottlieb 1968) Pinball Route 16 Arcade
Furie (Williams 1981) Pinball R-Shark Arcade
Future Queen (Bell 1987) Pinball Ryu Jin -Japan Arcade
Future Spa (Bally 1979) Pinball S.R.D. Mission Arcade
Future World (Zaccaria 1978) Pinball S.S. Mission Arcade
Galaxy (Stern 1980) Pinball Samurai Aces -World Arcade
Gamatron (Pinstar 1985) Pinball Samurai Nihon-ichi -set 1 Arcade
Game Show (Bally 1990) Pinball Sand Scorpion Arcade
Games, The (Gottlieb 1983) Pinball sAngel Kids -Japan Arcade
Gator (Bally 1969) Pinball Satan’s Hollow Arcade
Geisha (Playmatic 1973) Pinball Scramble Arcade
Genesis (Premier 1986) Pinball Scrambled Egg Arcade
Genie (Gottlieb 1979) Pinball SD GunDam Arcade
Getaway – High Speed 2 (Williams 1992) Pinball Seicross Arcade
Ghostbusters (Other 2010) Pinball Senjyo Arcade
Gilligans Island (Midway 1991) Pinball Shot Rider Arcade
Gladiators (Premier 1993) Pinball Sindbad Mystery Arcade
Global Warfare (Gameplan 1981) Pinball Sinistar Arcade
Godzilla (Sega 1998) Pinball Sky Adventure Arcade
Goin’ Nuts (Gottlieb 1983) Pinball Sky Alert Arcade
Gold Ball (Bally 1983) Pinball Sky Base Arcade
Gold Mine (Williams 1988) Pinball Sky Fox Arcade
Gold Wings (Gottlieb 1986) Pinball Sky Lancer Arcade
Golden Arrow (Gottlieb 1977) Pinball Sky Smasher Arcade
Goldeneye (Sega 1996) Pinball Sky Soldiers -US Arcade
Gorgar (Williams 1979) Pinball Solar Fox Arcade
Gork (Taito 1983) Pinball Sonic Boom -FD1094 317-0053 Arcade
Grand Lizard (Williams 1986) Pinball Sorcer Striker -World Arcade
Grand Prix (Stern 2005) Pinball Space Cruiser Arcade
Grand Slam (Bally 1983) Pinball Space Dungeon Arcade
Grateful Dead (Original 2013) Pinball Space Fever -set 1 Arcade
Gridiron (Gottlieb 1977) Pinball Space Fever High Splitter -set 1 Arcade
Groovy (Gottlieb 1970) Pinball Space Invaders ’95 – Attack Of The Lunar Loonies Arcade
Guns and Roses (Data East 1994) Pinball Space Launcher Arcade
Gusher (Williams 1958) Pinball Speed Coin Arcade
Halley Comet (Juegos Populares 1986) Pinball Speed Rumbler Arcade
Hang Glider (Bally 1976) Pinball Springer Arcade
Happy Days (Gottlieb 1952) Pinball Star Force Arcade
Hardbody (Bally 1987) Pinball Star Jacker -Sega Arcade
Harlem Globetrotters (Bally 1979) Pinball Strata Bowling -V3 Arcade
Harley Davidson (Bally 1991) Pinball Strike Gunner S.T.G Arcade
Harley Davidson (Stern 1999) Pinball Strikers 1945 II Arcade
Haunted House (Gottlieb 1982) Pinball Strikers 1945 III -World / Strikers 1999 -Japan Arcade
Haunted Mansion (Macepin 2011) Pinball Super Bagman Arcade
Hawkman (Taito 1983) Pinball Super Basketball -version G Arcade
Hearts and Spades (Gottlieb 1969) Pinball Super Bug Arcade
Heavy Metal (Rowamet 1982) Pinball Power Instinct 2 Arcade
Heavy Metal Meltdown (Bally 1987) Pinball Super Cobra Arcade
Hercules (Atari 1979) Pinball Super Doubles Tennis Arcade
High Hand (Gottlieb 1973) Pinball Super Glob Arcade
High Roller Casino (Stern 2001) Pinball Super Mouse Arcade
High Speed (Williams 1986) Pinball Super Real Darwin-World Arcade
Hokus Pokus (Bally 1976) Pinball Super Tank Arcade
Hollywood Heat (Premier 1986) Pinball Super-X-NTC Arcade
Honey (Williams 1972) Pinball Swat Arcade
Hook (Data East 1992) Pinball Raiden Fighters 2 Arcade
Hoops (Gottlieb 1991) Pinball Tactician -set 1 Arcade
Hot Doggin’ (Bally 1980) Pinball Tail to Nose – Great Championship Arcade
Hot Hand (Stern 1979) Pinball Tank Force -US Arcade
Hot Line (Willams 1966) Pinball Tazz-Mania -set 1 Arcade
Hot Shot (Gottlieb 1973) Pinball Tempest Arcade
Hot Tip (Williams 1977) Pinball The Amazing Adventures of Mr. F. Lea Arcade
Hot Wheels (Zaccaria 1979) Pinball The Big Pro Wrestling! Arcade
Howzat (Hankin 1980) Pinball The Deep Arcade
Hulk (Other 2011) Pinball The Electric Yo-Yo -set 1 Arcade
Hurricane (Williams 1991) Pinball The End Arcade
Hyperball (Williams 1981) Pinball The Last Day -set 1 Arcade
Ice Cold Beer (Taito 1983) Pinball The Percussor Arcade
Ice Fever (Gottlieb 1985) Pinball Thundercade / Twin Formation Arcade
Impacto (Recreativos Franco 1975) Pinball Time Pilot Arcade
Independence Day (Sega 1996) Pinball Time Scanner Arcade
Indiana Jones (Stern 2008) Pinball Time Soldiers -US Rev 3 Arcade
Indianapolis 500 (Midway 1995) Pinball Toki no Senshi – Chrono Soldier Arcade
Insane Clown Posse (Other 2013) Pinball Torus Arcade
Iron Balls (Stargame 1987) Pinball Tower of Druaga-New Ver. Arcade
Iron Maiden (Stern 1981) Pinball Traverse USA/Zippy Race Arcade
Iron Man (Stern 2010) Pinball Trick Trap -World? Arcade
Jack-Bot (Williams 1995) Pinball Triple Punch Arcade
Jacks Open (Gottlieb 1977) Pinball Tri-Sports Arcade
Jacks to Open (Gottlieb 1984) Pinball Truxton / Tatsujin Arcade
James Bond 007 (Gottlieb 1980) Pinball Truxton II / Tatsujin II / Tatsujin Oh -Japan Arcade
Jet Spin (Gottlieb 1977) Pinball Tumble Pop -World Arcade
Jigglebox (Starman 2004) Pinball Tunnel Hunt Arcade
Johnny Mnemonic (Williams 1995) Pinball Turbo Force Arcade
Joker Poker (Gottlieb 1978) Pinball Turtles Arcade
Jokerz! – Night Mod (Williams 1988) Pinball Twin Cobra Arcade
Jokerz! (Williams 1988) Pinball Twin Cobra 2 Arcade
Jolly Park (Spinball 1996) Pinball Twin Eagle – Revenge Joe’s Brother Arcade
Judge Dredd (Bally 1993) Pinball Twin Eagle II – The Rescue Mission Arcade
Jumaci (Jumanci 1957) Pinball Twin Hawk Arcade
Jumping Jack (Gottlieb 1973) Pinball TwinBee Arcade
Jungle (Gottlieb 1972) Pinball U.N. Defense Force: Earth Joker -Japan Arcade
Jungle Lord (Williams 1981) Pinball UniWar S Arcade
Jungle Queen (Gottlieb 1977) Pinball Up’n Down Arcade
Junk Yard (Williams 1996) Pinball Vanguard II Arcade
Jurassic Park (Data East 1993) Pinball Varth – Operation Thunderstorm -World Arcade
Jurrasic Park 2 The Lost World (Sega 1997) Pinball Vasara Arcade
KC Jones (Gottlieb 1949) Pinball Vasara 2 -set 1 Arcade
Key West (Bally 1956) Pinball Vastar -set 1 Arcade
King of Diamonds (Gottlieb 1967) Pinball Victory Road Arcade
King Pin (Gottlieb 1973) Pinball Volfied Arcade
King Rock (Gottlieb 1972) Pinball Vulgus Arcade
King Tut (Bally 1969) Pinball Wanted Arcade
Kings and Queens (Gottlieb 1965) Pinball War of Aero – Project MEIOU Arcade
Kings of steel (Bally 1984) Pinball War of the Bugs or Monsterous Manouvers in a Mushroom Maze Arcade
KISS (Bally 1979) Pinball Water Ski Arcade
Krull (Gottlieb 1983) Pinball Wiping Arcade
Kuwait (Maresa 1973) Pinball Wiz Arcade
La Retata (Geiger 1992) Pinball Wonder Planet -Japan Arcade
Lady Death (Geiger 1983) Pinball World Wars -Japan Arcade
Lady Luck (Recel 1976) Pinball Wrestle War Arcade
Lap by Lap (Inder 1986) Pinball Xevious Arcade
Laser Ball (Williams 1979) Pinball XX Mission Arcade
Laser Cue (Williams 1984) Pinball Youjyuden-Japan Arcade
Laser War (Data East 1990) Pinball Zaviga Arcade
Last Action Hero (Data East 1994) Pinball Zig Zag Arcade
Lectronamo (Stern 1978) Pinball Zing Zing Zip Arcade
Lethal Weapon 3 (Data East 1992) Pinball Zoar Arcade
L’Hexagone (Christian Automatic 1986) Pinball Zzyzzyxx -set 1 Arcade
Lightning (Stern 1981) Pinball DoDonPachi – Japan Arcade
Lightning Ball (Gottlieb 1959) Pinball Gigawing Arcade
Lights…Camera…Action (Gottlieb 1989) Pinball Battle of Atlantis (Comsoft 1981) Arcade
Line Drive (Williams 1972) Pinball Azurian Attack (Rait Electronics Ltd. 1982) Arcade
Linkin Park (Other 2013) Pinball Cyvern – The Dragon Weapons Arcade
Little Chief (Williams 1975) Pinball Blades of Steel (Konami 1987) Arcade
Little Joe (Bally 1971) Pinball Botanic (Itisa 1984) Arcade
Lord Of The Rings (Stern 2003) Pinball Gals Panic (Kaneko 1990) Arcade
Lost In Space (Sega 1998) Pinball Gunbird (Psikyo 1994) Arcade
Lost World (Bally 1978) Pinball Gunbird 2 (Psikyo 1998) Arcade
Lucky Ace (Williams 1974) Pinball American Horseshoes (Taito 1990) Arcade
Lucky Seven (Williams 1978) Pinball Hot Shots Tennis (Strata 1990) Arcade
Lunelle (Taito 1981) Pinball Joust 2 – Survival of the fittest (Williams 1986) Arcade
Mad Race (Playmatic 1985) Pinball Kick (Midway 1981) Arcade
Magic (Stern 1979) Pinball Legion – Spinner-87 (Nichibutsu 1987) Arcade
Magic Castle (Zaccaria 1984) Pinball Lizard Wizard (Techstar 1985) Arcade
Magic Eight Ball (Geiger 1977) Pinball Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu 1980) Arcade
Magnotron (Gottlieb 1974) Pinball Moon Qusar (Nichibutsu 1980) Arcade
Majestic (Gottlieb 1957) Pinball Out Zone (Toaplan 1990) Arcade
Mario Andretti (Gottlieb 1995) Pinball Pairs Love (Athena 1991) Arcade
Mars Attacks (Other 2013) Pinball Pioneer Balloon (SNK 1982) Arcade
Mars God of War (Gottlieb 1981) Pinball Quantum (General Computer Corporation 1982) Arcade
Mars Trek (Sonic 1977) Pinball Speed Ball (Tecfri 1987) Arcade
Masquerade (Gottlieb 1966) Pinball Spy Hunter (Bally Midway 1983) Arcade
Mata Hari (Bally 1978) Pinball Tank Busters (Valadon Automation 1985) Arcade
Mata Hari Mod (Bally 1978) Pinball Thunder Dragon 2 (NMK 1993) Arcade
Maverick (Data East 1994) Pinball Toobin’ (Atari 1988) Arcade
Medieval Madness – Night Mod (Williams 1997) Pinball Time Pilot ’84 (Konami 1984) Arcade
Medieval Madness (Williams 1997) Pinball Tron (Bally Midway 1982) Arcade
Medusa (Bally 1981) Pinball U.S. Classic (Seta 1989) Arcade
Memory Lane (Stern 1978) Pinball Vapor Trail – Hyper Offence Formation (Data East 1989) Arcade
Mephisto (Stargame 1987) Pinball Water Match (Sega 1984) Arcade
Mermaid (Gottlieb 1951) Pinball 1944 Arcade
Metal Man (Inder 1992) Pinball Altered Beast Arcade
Metallica (Williams 1988) Pinball Batman Part 2 Arcade
Meteor (Stern 1979) Pinball D-Con Arcade
MIBS (Gottlieb 1969) Pinball Dynablaster / Bomber Man Arcade
Middle Earth (Atari 1978) Pinball Golden Axe Arcade
Millionaire (Williams 1987) Pinball Growl -World Arcade
Mini Cycle (Gottlieb 1970) Pinball Growl-US Arcade
Miss Universo (Inder 1972) Pinball Hat Trick Hero ’95 -US Arcade
Miss World (Geiger 1985) Pinball Hook -World Arcade
Monday Night Football (Data East 1989) Pinball In The Hunt -US Arcade
Monopoly (Stern 2001) Pinball In The Hunt -World Arcade
Monster Bash (Williams 1998) Pinball Magic Sword – Heroic Fantasy -World Arcade
Monte Carlo (Premier 1987) Pinball Mega Twins -World Arcade
Motor Show (Mr.Game 1989) Pinball Ninja Baseball Batman Arcade
Motordome (Bally 1986) Pinball Pac-Man -Galaxian hardware Arcade
Moulin Rouge (Williams 1965) Pinball Pac-Man -Hearts Arcade
Mousin’ Around (Bally 1989) Pinball Robocop 2 -World Arcade
Movie Masters (IDI 1978) Pinball Shadow Force -US Arcade
Mr. and Mrs. Pacman (Bally 1982) Pinball Slap Shot -Japan Arcade
Mustang (Gottlieb 1977) Pinball Snow Bros. – Nick & Tom -Japan Arcade
Mystic (Bally 1980) Pinball Snow Bros. – Nick & Tom -set 1 Arcade
Mystic Marvel (Gottlieb 1954) Pinball Snow Bros. 2 – With New Elves Arcade
Mystic Star (Zaccaria 1986) Pinball Out run deluxe Arcade
Nascar (Stern 2005) Pinball Mortal Kombat II-L9.1 hack Arcade
Nautilus (Playmatic 1984) Pinball Sunset Riders -World 2 Players ver. EBD Arcade
NBA (Stern 2009) Pinball Tengai Arcade
NBA Fastbreak (Bally 1997) Pinball Toki – us set 2 Arcade
Nemesis (Peyper 1986) Pinball The King of Dragons -World Arcade
New Stars Phoenix(Zaccaria 1987) Pinball The Simpsons Arcade
New Wave (Bell Games 1985) Pinball The Simpsons-Japan Arcade
New York (Gottlieb 1976) Pinball The Simpsons-US Arcade
NFL (Stern 2001) Pinball Thunder Dragon -Bootleg Arcade
Night Rider (Bally 1976) Pinball Mars Matrix Arcade
Nine Ball (Stern 1980) Pinball Battle Garegga Arcade
Nip-It (Bally 1973) Pinball Eco Fighters – World Arcade
Nitro Ground Shaker (Bally 1980) Pinball Paperboy Arcade
No Fear-Dangerous Sports (Williams 1995) Pinball X-Men Arcade
No Good Gofers (Williams 1997) Pinball 64th. Street-A Detective Story Arcade
Nova (starman 2012) Pinball The King of Fighters 98-The Slugfest Arcade
Nugent (Stern 1978) Pinball The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary Arcade
Oba Oba (Taito 1978) Pinball The King of Fighters 2001 Arcade
Odin Deluxe (Sonic 1985) Pinball The King of Fighters 97 Super Plus Arcade
Odisea Paris Dakar (Peyper 1987) Pinball Out Run Arcade
Old Chicago (Bally 1975) Pinball Mortal Kombat Arcade
Olympics (Gottlieb 1962) Pinball Mortal Kombat III Arcade
Operation Thunder (Gottlieb 1992) Pinball ’88 Games! Arcade
Orbit (Gottlieb 1971) Pinball Shinobi Arcade
Orbit 1 (Hankin 1978) Pinball 1943 Kai-Midway Kaisen Arcade
Orbitor 1 (Stern 1982) Pinball Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter-Japan 970707 Arcade
Outer Space (Gottlieb 1972) Pinball Street Fighter Arcade
OXO (Williams 1973) Pinball Street Fighter Alpha 2 – US 960306 Arcade
Palisades (Williams 1953) Pinball Street Fighter Alpha 3 – US 980904 Arcade
Panthera – Night Mod (Gottlieb 1980) Pinball Street Fighter Alpha:Warriors’ Dreams Arcade
Panthera (Gottlieb 1980) Pinball Street Fighter II-Champion Edition Arcade
Panthera 5.01 (Gottlieb 1980) Pinball Raiden IV OverKill Arcade
Paradise (Gottlieb 1965) Pinball Street Fighter II-Hyper Fighting Arcade
Paragon (Bally 1979) Pinball Street Fighter II-The World Warrior Arcade
Party (Playmatic 1979) Pinball Street Fighter Zero – Japan 950605 Arcade
Party Animal (Bally 1987) Pinball Street Fighter Zero 2 – Japan 960227 Arcade
Party Nation (Other 2013) Pinball Street Fighter Zero 3 Arcade</t