Starting your search for a used pool table

The best thing about working with pool tables is that it is a fun process! We really like helping people find a quality table that fits their style and décor at the best possible price. Whether you are looking for a stylish table for your front room or a tournament quality table for your game room we have it all!

There are many sites online or stores in town that can be great places to see different styles of tables. There are many cheap pool table options available so be careful and spend a little time seeing what’s out there – it will make you more confident when you find the right table.

Picking the right pool table size

The first thing to determine when buying a pool table is what size best fits your space. The most common pool table size is an 8 foot table which is a challenging size and in comparison most bar sized tables are 7 foot while professional tournaments are played on 9 foot pool tables or larger.

A pool table that is too big does not allow for an optimal playing experience because players wont have enough room to make shots however there is some wiggle room on the recommended sizes as shorter cues can be used for tight shots. Below are the recommended space requirements for the most popular sized pool tables.

Table Size: 3.5 feet by 7 feet
Recommended Space Requirement: 12 feet by 15 feet

Table Size: 4 feet by 8 feet
Recommended Space Requirement: 12.5 feet by 16 feet

Table Size: 4.5 feet by 9 feet
Recommended Space Requirement: 13 feet by 17 feet

Construction of the Pool Table

Higher priced tables are made of solid wood however many high end brands do use veneer or particle board in the construction of their lower end models. Cheap pool tables for sale in the marketplace have wood playing surfaces while slate pool tables are the best for playability.

For a great playing experience choose a pool table with 1 inch slate or thicker. Most modern tables are three piece slate and perform incredibly well when installed and leveled by an experienced professional like the installers at Sure Shot Billiards!

Brand Name Pool Tables

Here in Arizona most tables you will find in the used pool table market were manufactured in the southwest region. Quality tables like Beach and Golden West are manufactured in California while great brands like Connelly Pool Tables and Buckhorn Pool Tables were manufactured in Arizona.

Olhausen Pool tables that are widely distributed here are made in Tennessee. These brands of tables are all made in the USA and are of the highest quality. When looking to purchase a quality used pool table beware of cheap pool tables for sale that are not manufactured in the USA as they generally are made of lower quality materials.

Felt and Bumpers

One of the first things I realized when we started selling used pool tables is that there are many misconceptions about felt and bumpers! One thing we heard a lot is that felt needs to be changed every time a pool table is moved – this is false and good felt can be re-stretched when a table is re-installed.

In regards to bumpers they can last up to 10 years or more and in most cases bumpers don’t need to be replaced when buying a used pool table. Bumpers and felt can be changed easily if needed when installing your new pool table and our best tip for making a used pool table look new is to replace the felt! The cost of new felt is minimal compared to the look it will give your new table!

Used pool tables for sale by owner near me

Believe it or not this is a very common search term in Google! Yes a lot of our customers start their search with a used pool tables by owner search near me. This is sometimes the start of a frustrating and time consuming journey. Unreliable and dishonest sellers are all over the web looking to sell their sometimes damaged pool tables at the highest possible price.

Even educated buyers can make a mistake costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars, if its to good to be true it usually is! At Sure Shot Billiards every table we sell is guaranteed to be free of defects and play like it should! We value our reputation and our customers – you wont find better quality or value anywhere else!

Making your purchase of a used pool table

There are many places you can buy a used pool table at a discount and we hope our buyers guide will help you navigate the ins and outs of your purchase to make sure you get a great used pool table for your money.

All the tables we sell at Sure Shot Billiards have been inspected and come with high performing bumpers and felt. Our prices offer unbeatable value and every table we sell is installed by talented professionals – we are the best pool table installers in town! When you are in the market for a pool table make the best choice – call us at Sure Shot Billiards!

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Return Policy

At Sure Shot Billiards our number one priority is the satisfaction of our customers. If our local customers within 50 miles of our store want to return any item they buy from us we will accept those returns within 15 days of install. For customers over 50 miles from our store, we send dozens of photos so the table condition is fully communicated and as such we don’t accept returns unless there is damage in transit.